February 6, 2023

“Ma’am, you’re under arrest for possession of love with intent to distribute.”
love drug

Being in love is physically similar to the buzz of taking drugs and also has withdrawal symptoms, an expert on addiction has said.
Dr John Marsden says dopamine – the drug released by the brain when it is aroused – has similar effects on the body and mind as cocaine or speed.
“Attraction and lust really is like a drug. It leaves you wanting more,” the National Addiction Centre head said.
“Being attracted to someone sparks the same incredible feelings no matter who you are. Love really does know no boundaries,” he said.
According to Dr Marsden – a chartered psychologist – the brain which processes emotions becomes “fired up” when talking to someone it finds attractive.
The heart pounds three times faster than normal and causes blood to be diverted to the cheeks and sexual organs, which causes the feeling of butterflies in the stomach, he says.
However, as with cocaine and speed, the “hit” is only temporary, though it can last between three and seven years, he added.

BBC NEWS | Health | Love is the drug, scientists say
And more on the same topic, headlined “Romantic Love Lasts Just a Year”…….

Some couples may disagree, but romantic love lasts little more than a year, Italian scientists believe.
The University of Pavia found a brain chemical was likely to be responsible for the first flush of love.
Researchers said raised levels of a protein was linked to feelings of euphoria and dependence experienced at the start of a relationship.

Romantic love ‘lasts just a year’

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