February 1, 2023

As promised, below is a sneak peak at my buddy Paul Dylan’s debut album. The Album is called souvenir and can be purchased at the link below. A sneak peak track is linked to the bottom of this post and available only at Incredible Fukn.us Expect great things from Paul, Hey Blue!, and Lorelai Records.
Lorelai Records
Lorelai Records is a spankably new record label producing homemade, handmade cd-rs. All of our records are super-limited edition, charmingly and lovingly created with handmade artwork and homemade music. Lorelai’s philosophy is that a record should be something you get to hold in your little hands and look at and smell and know that the musicians that made it made every little bit of it especially – literally – for you. We want to make going to the mailbox exciting and fun. Check us out on myspace at www.myspace.com/lorelairecords
Check out a sample track from Hey, Blue!’s first album souvenir.
Here to Mexico

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