January 29, 2023

Here it is folks…Loose Screw Skate and Fukn Skateboards have merged into one kickass company Loose Screw Fukn Skateboards. These are truly the most kickass, artistic, and beautiful skateboard decks on the planet.
Fukn Skateboards and LooseScrew
Brings you jaw dropping carved and painted, limited edition longboard decks. Made to ride,
our horizontally laminated, solid wood decks are crafted from mahogany with beech stringers
using D-4 glue. They are hand carved and painted, then given a clear grit coat. The decks range from 36″ to 59″ and are available with carving from top or bottom.
Custom decks are available.
This is the only place on the planet to get these incredible fukn skateboards. The waiting list is approximately two months and you are going to drool while thinking about getting your hands on our decks. Order one now or you may have to wait four months
Loose Screw Fukn Skateboards– LINK

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