January 30, 2023

Hey there…Chris Damitio here. Chairman of the Fukn board. Have you ever wanted to blog? Maybe you don’t know how to get started….maybe you don’t have a cool domain name like fukn.us…..maybe you are just waiting for someone to tell you…here is a blog….
Well….now is your chance. I have set up two blogs today. I am casting out into the waters to find 5 bloggers for each site that want to have a place to let the world know what they think, see, do, etc.
The two blogs I’ve set up today are Terrorsuspect.com and Hawaiichicken.com
I’m not offering any money…just the chance to be blogging and an email address at whatever blog you choose to blog at….
In coming days I am going to set up more blogs…
If you are interested in joining the world of bloggers send me a short email about what you would like to blog about, where you would like to blog, and who you are….(we can keep you anonymous to the world..in fact, you can be whomever you choose.) Send an email to chris@fukn.us

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