January 29, 2023
World travel is a funny thing. The longest beach in the world is in a place you've probably never imagined. Sounds impossible, but guest blogger Imran Hasan Anik tells us exactly where it is- in his home country of Bangladesh

Home Town Guest Story by Md. Ferdous Koreshi

World travel is a funny thing. The longest beach in the world is in a place you’ve probably never imagined. Sounds impossible, but guest writer Md. Ferdous Koreshi tells us exactly where it is- in his home country of Bangladesh.

When it comes to travelling, tourists can go a great distance and out of their comfort zone to feel the excitement of exploring the beauty of the world and travelling to different parts of the world. If you are one of the tourists who takes travelling to be something more than a leave from the hectic life and loves exploring the world to the fullest, then there is a place that you have to visit.

The place is knows as Cox’s bazaar. Longest beach in the world, BangladeshThis is the longest sea beach in the world. Now you might be thinking it must be somewhere in the Caribbean or somewhere famous like that. But you would be surprised to know that, a small south Asian country unknown to most of us is blessed with this beautiful gift which surely will take your breath away.

Named after the British Captain Hiram Cox, who was appointed as the superintendent of “palongkee” now known as Cox’s bazar, the beach is one of the most beautiful beaches in the whole world.

Though the beach is the most popular holiday destination for almost all the Bangladeshi people, it has yet to attract potential number of international tourists due to the lack of promotion. Cox’s bazar has got almost all the elements a tourist might expect from a beach city. The beach, home to the great foamy waves of the Bay of Bengal is the perfect place for the surfers. The beach itself is worth visiting as it is the longest beach in the world.

There are lot of activities you can do while being in Cox’s Bazar. Start with visiting the beach and get a nice sun tan. The weather is great and surely you will have a great time. You can go surfing or ride the sea bikes along the beach.

Longest beach around the worldOnce you have seen the beach, head towards the local markets and shops. You will find amazing artifacts and showpieces made up of sea shells and other aquatic things. You can also visit some nearby places like Himchori waterfalls, Maheshkhali, Bandarban and many more.

If you visit Cox’s bazar, you cannot afford to Miss Saint Martin’s island. This is a small coral island with breathtaking view. It is about 9 kilometers away from Cox’s bazar and there are cruise services available for you to get to that island. Seeing the sunset in that island can be quite a view.

When it comes to staying at Cox’s Bazar, you have so many options. You can get yourself a room in the hotels and motels available. There are great 4 star hotels in Cox’s bazar. If you prefer a bit of privacy, you can hire the studio apartments available in the town. There are some great restaurants with local cuisine and also delicious sea foods are served in these restaurants.

The best way to get to Cox’s Bazar is to get on a flight from Dhaka Airport. It would take hardly 45 minutes to reach Cox’s Bazar in that way. You can also go by road or have a rail journey but these are very time consuming.

Hopefully you will explore a great time by visiting Cox’s Bazar this holiday. You are welcome in my hometown.

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