February 5, 2023

local6.com – News – Police: Crime-Predicting Computer Works
Police: Crime-Predicting Computer Works
POSTED: 11:59 am EDT July 22, 2005
UPDATED: 8:57 pm EDT July 22, 2005
YONKERS, N.Y. — A crime-predicting computer apparently works in suburban New York, according to police.
Officers in Yonkers said the computer helped to identify a pattern of street robberies and advised police that another mugging was likely Wednesday night.
Police staked out the neighborhood and sure enough, a woman was robbed by two young men as she left a Chinese restaurant.
The woman was able to flag down two police officers, who quickly caught two suspects.
They also recovered the woman’s cellphone and found two loaded handguns on the alleged attackers, who face robbery and firearms charges.

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