February 6, 2023

Okay…I know it’s a little strange to be obsessed with the 5’2″ dictator of North Korea….so from time to time I will post strange bits about him… soon you will be obsessed too….besides…look at that hair…

Lil Kim

Okay…so he spikes his hair up and wears platform shoes…so what? He invented the toaster. That’s what they tell the North Korean people anyway.

Kim Jong Il — whose net worth approaches $4 billion — has always had expensive tastes. He likes fast cars, gourmet foods, and fine liquors. Suffice it to say, none of these things is produced in North Korea and FedEx doesn’t deliver there. As expensive as those luxuries are in the West, they cost even more to procure north of the 38th Parallel. But procure them they must. Evidently, the man loves to throw banquets and has a penchant for fine cognac (his favorite is Hennessy V.S.O.P).

He also loves pornography. In addition, according to rumor, Kim also keeps a harem of beautiful women for the purpose of fucking. The dictator is regularly serviced by a nubile “Pleasure Squad,” a stable of babes composed primarily of young Asians and Europeans.

He has also written Operas and enjoys films.

I just wanna be his buddy. Don’t you?

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