February 8, 2023

I’m surprised PETA wasn’t making a stink about this gathering…

NORTH RIDGEVILLE, Ohio – People from as far away New Mexico and the Netherlands were in northern Ohio over the weekend, getting up close and personal with skunks.
Skunk owner Jeri Lynn Poling says others may not understand, but skunks make great pets and are soft and cuddly. She thinks having a rat or a lizard or a snake is weird.
Poling and other polecat enthusiasts gathered in North Ridgeville, about 25 miles southwest of Cleveland, for the sixth annual Skunkfest.
The event raises money for Skunk Haven, a nonprofit group that saves and rehabilitates injured skunks. And, pet skunks compete in beauty, personality and costume contests.
By the way, they all pass the sniff test, because those domesticated skunks are deodorized.

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