February 2, 2023

I just came across a short blurb about Dictator Style in Esquire this morning in the, ahem, reading room. From what the reviews are saying it is a book like no other. Unfortunately, the pictures aren’t what you would hope. The Esquire blurb had the horrible picture from one of Saddam’s palaces below…
Rowena Morrell
Dictator StyleWelcome to the fabulous lifestyles of the cruel and despotic. Running with the idea that our homes are where we are truly ourselves, Peter York’s wildly original and scathingly funny look at the interior decorating tastes of some of history’s most alarming dictators proves that absolute power corrupts absolutely, right down to the drapes. Mining rare, jaw-dropping photographs of interiors now mostly (thankfully) destroyed, York’s hilarious profiles of 16 inner sanctums of the scary leaves no endangered tiger pelt unturned, from Saddam Hussein’s creepy private art collection to General Noriega’s Christmas tree to the strange tube and knob contraption in the Ceausescu bathroom. All your favorite dictators are here: Hitler, Lenin, Stalin, Tito, Mussolini, Mobutu, Idi Amin, Ferdinand and Imelda Marcos—each with their own uniquely frightful chic. An interior decorating book like no other, Dictator Style is a welcome tonic for a world in need of a good laugh at the expense of the all-powerful.

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