January 30, 2023

All along the south shores of Hawaii, high surf and rough currents pounded beaches as lifeguards assisted with hundreds of rescues.
Waves as high as 15 feet hit the south shore. It brought out surfers and thrill seekers.
The surf had been so rough at high tide Wednesday afternoon that there was not much sand out in Waikiki Beach.
From San Souci Beach to Ala Moana Beach Park, lifeguards have been busy with rescue after rescue. High tide rolled in after noon. By 1:30 p.m., lifeguards reported at least 150 rescues.
“Fortunately, today we have two jet skis and four crew, most towers are doubled up and tripled up, and I don’t think it will get any less busy as the day progresses,” Lifeguard J.R. Sloane said.
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In Waikiki, it wasn’t even safe to walk along the shore in some places. Beachgoers would risk being slammed against stonewalls in some areas.
Lifeguards wondered if they’d be working overtime with the Sunset on the Beach event Wednesday night for the season premiere of “Lost.”
Forecasters said the rough surf is expected to subside below 15 feet by Thursday evening and below advisory levels by Saturday.
“I want to stress to people to check with the lifeguards. I highly recommend they don’t swim, particularly if they have children. Wait until Sunday, Monday when the surf is smaller,” Sloane said.
Further down the south shore, experienced surfers were having the time of their lives, broken boards and broken leashes were the worst casualties of the morning.
The Coast Guard took advantage of the large waves to train in.
The white water crashing on shore closed out much of the south shore at times. Nature’s show brought out large crowds eager to enjoy a front row seat of the big surf.

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