February 1, 2023

I am curious to see if the US will be willing to take a stand on the extradition of Charles Taylor from Nigeria to stand trial for war crimes.
Taylor was no friend to the US, but he still has plenty of money and power and no one seems willing to put pressure on Nigeria to send Talylor to trial. He would be tried at the UN Special Court in Sierra Leone.
Johnson-Sirleaf’s immediate priorities are on the more practical issues of rebuilding Liberia, not getting Taylor to trial. But, the trial is more than a matter of dwelling in the past or exacting retribution for his war crimes – if left free, Taylor’s continued influence is likely to destabilize the region once more.

Liberian President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf is due to travel to the US for a trip aimed at strengthening historic ties between the two nations.
It is her first visit to the US since taking office in January as Africa’s first elected female president.
Mrs Johnson-Sirleaf is expected to meet President George W Bush and will address the US Congress.
She also aims to attract investment to her war-torn nation that was founded by freed American slaves in 1822.

BBC NEWS | Africa | Liberia leader starts US visit
Here’s another report on her visit, from VOA…
Liberian President to Address US Congress

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