February 4, 2023

We have all these devices to connect us with our loved ones back home , internet, phone, dsn phone numbers, but sometimes the most comforting is looking up at the celestial bodies in space like the moon and stars. tonight, again I was burning top secret documents (which is already becoming tedious, but not so bad when listening to some brian eno on the ipod) anyways I just thought of how we both look up at the same moon and stars. Its a loose connection I know but comforting to me. We are located on the West side of bagdad which is far away from the main city. (not far enough for my liking) so we don’t get that much light polotion from the city, plus the city I don’t think is up 100% of the time for electricity. Anyways the stars and the moon are both really bright here, its not hard to get transfixed on them and stray from whats going on. I almost forgot I was in a war torn capital city with blood lusting insurgents waging holy war in hopes of throwing the whole country down into a hellacious civil war. The weather has been nice… tonight, the band, Drowning Pool played for the troops , unfortunately they played durning my night shift so I was not able to go out and see them, but it is way cool that they came out here to support the troops. We are stretched thin, we have details, so we are having to cover down for eachother, which means that our 12 hour shifts are turning into 16 hour shifts. What sense is that? I don’t know. Though we don’t do much of anything when we are here, I have taken it upon myself to rearrange everything in the office. A lot of stuff we thought was going to occur has not, we are adapting to the new situation. I got a bike, a helmet, two lights, one for the front and one for the back. I feel like a paper boy but instead of carrying newspapers I sling a loaded rifle around my back. I was wondering if I could shoot the weapon and continue riding at the same time. We are told to expect something today, since its Sept 11th, but we are prepared, everyone gets anxious and nervous, I noticed that, but my demeanor has been one of a tuned out receiver. One day at a time. I don’t know where the time goes, it seems, I wake up, shower, eat, go to work, go home, sleep, and wake up again. I forgot to shave today, morning is coming soon. I am tired. We must have some secret ass helicopter that is invisible, I was outside burning documents, and next to our building is the helicopter pad, well I heard a chopper, felt the breeze from the propellers, but there was nothing there. It was night time, even at night you can see the outlines of the blackhawks, but this was invisible. Interesting. I am so tired, that I will write a haiku about the secret helicopter, if they find out I told you about the helicopter I can defend myself with ‘art’ and ‘literature’
Sparrow, black, unseen
Metal wing sky killer scream
Life, death, unawake dream
Talk later


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