February 1, 2023

The latest from David…



its strange,  you can’t help but get effected by the information that comes through here, all day we here reports of attacks and ambushes on Coalition forces and the rampant revenge killings in the cities, dead bodies are discarded on the sides of streets so badly mutilated and tortured that they can not be identified. the city is already drawn out in corridors, tiny millitias have formed to protect areas,  if you don’t live in an area you are quickly dealt with. 
I can’t go into detail, but recently a squad of soldiers came across a dead human body on the side of the road, when they went to investigate, the body was boobytrapped with explosives. luckily the injuries were not serious but soldiers were sent to the hospital, more for the emotional treatment of having human flesh and tissue splatter on them.  I am in disbelief of what is going on. I can’t help but feel we are slipping ever closer to that edge where all sensibility and sanctity is vanished and we are an audience to murderous beasts slaughtering each other.
There is a certain stress, living in war, it’s a trapped feeling, it reminds me of when I was young on vacation.   ,  it was at night and we were driving somewhere and the ac in the car was broken and it was so hot inside but at the same time it was pouring down rain and we couldn’t open the windows.  it was that trapped feeling I feel now here in Baghdad.  That’s probally how the inhabitants of Bagdad feel trapped. Still, I can’t imagine what it must be for our young infantry soldiers on dismounted patrols through the city. It is a double edged sword,   we patrol the streets to show force and strength and let the Iraqis feel safe in their city but the same time we are putting them out in a war zone. But  the good thing is the equipment they give us is state of the art.   We are constantly improving our technology, armor, and tatics so even if we are struck by an IED the chances of it being fatal or much lower these days.  
 Tonight is interesting , in so much as I never thought I would be on a riverbank   on the porch of one of saddams castles burning Secret documents in a barrel.  That’s peculiar, and we had a lot of documents to burn,  all types of stuff like. Well I can’t tell you… its Secret
Anyways I plan on getting my Masters degree, maybe from an institute called American Millitary University.   They have the whole program online. I   think I will get a Masters in Terrorism studies, I feel I will have enough first hand expierence to give a good assessment of how they act.
Well friends, its strange the only time I think I am actually in Iraq is when I write these letters. I guess in some ways I am still in denial, that when I see the headline, 33 dead bodies found in Bagdad, my mind won’t let me connect myself as an inhabitant in that city. It’s a disconnect that might just be good for me.  
Tomorrow I am going to the haji market and pick up a rug for my little pad and get a three dollar haircut. Talk later

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