January 28, 2023

Hello family and friends, right now its the end of a late night shift in bagdad, specifically Camp Victory, at one of Saddams guest houses made into an operations center. I will have much time to reflect and watch the morning sun rise over the iraqi palaces. There is a chance I can move out of the barricks, there is a trailer that sits on the lake, its got an amazing view of the palaces that line the water ways. there is a bar-b-q, shade covering, and the lake itself is filled with catfish. though I hear they are pretty ferocious, since we took over, we don’t feed the fish anything but leftover dining hall food. So its mostly ground meat.
to tell you the truth , its been a little rough, tonight is my first full night on, and I couldn’t get any sleep during the day, so I am running on close to 24 hours straight of no sleep. not a big deal, but not good when you are walking around with a rifle and live ammo. You do want to keep your focus. I will try to take a picture of the building. honestly I can’t take pictures of inside the building simply because its considered Secret.
I got Kudos today for making a suggestion that a very high ranking officer thought was pretty genius. I can’t go into that either, classified, but needless to say my idea might have promoted him. but thats the way it goes. I really am going to try to keep myself busy, as its the only way to make this place bearable. I am probally going for my Master of strategic intelligence from the American Military University with a concentration on terrorism. if i get all my ducks lined up I can have most of it paid for by the army
some of the guys are going on a convoy soon, can’t go into details, but the idea of going outside the wire still puts a knot in my stomach. Oh, I got internet access, the only thing is, the only connection here is through satelite, so its sketchy at best, but I will try to get on skype soon. if you are using an alternate voice phone let me know.
anyways, here is a funny story, on the plane over to kuwait, I get placed in a seat next to this real southern guy, got a drawl, and everything, so, I am like, great, I have nothing in common with this guy, after a few minutes I see on his hand he has a ring witht the star of david. So I ask him if he is Jewish, He responds yes, and I tell him I am Jewish to. but here is the kicker, he was not born jewish, he said he always thought jews were cool and wanted to be one, so one day he decided to convert. he had never met a jew before he converted. strange , huh?
anyways my eyelids are like 10 pound weights. talk later -david

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