February 8, 2023

Bill O’Reilly appeared with an uncharacteristically serious David Letterman last evening. Letterman does not possess the debating skills of Jon Stewart, but he does display genuine passion and dismay.
Letterman: “How can you possibly take exception with the motivation and the position of someone like Cindy Sheehan?â€?
O’Reilly: “Because I think she’s run by far-left elements in this country. I feel bad for the woman.â€?
Letterman: “Have you lost family members in armed conflict?â€?
O’Reilly: “No, I have not.â€?
Letterman: “Well, then you can hardly speak for her, can you?â€? [applause]

“I Have The Feeling About 60% Of What You Say Is Crap”: Letterman To O’Reilly… | The Huffington Post

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