January 31, 2023

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“I can’t go here, I can’t go there, I feel institutionalized. And I’m on the streetsâ€?-Ice Cube
I was completely dumfounded earlier this week when I read the headlines of Vice President Dick Cheney shooting a 78-year-old campaign contributor with a shotgun. I knew the man was a cold blooded reptile, but I thought that he would at least have mercy on his own kind. Can you imagine how the victim, Harry Whittington must have felt? I mean here he is, at the pinnacle of that sugared teat that he has sucked on for decades getting to do some male bonding with Big Dick Cheney. And then out of the clear blue he takes a round of birdshot in the face and neck. I can see that vicious goon Cheney running over to the man and instead of offering help he probably tried to convince him that Osama Bin Laden ran by and smacked him in the face with a cactus. Don’t worry Harry, we will get that goddamn towelhead if it’s the last thing I do, we’ll start looking for him in Iran.
Good use of smokescreen tactics guys. I guess Big Dick was doing his best to divert attention away from the scathing words of Michael Brown and Scooter Libby over the weekend. Cheney has one foot in the grave already so what does it matter if he catches some political flack. He can afford to shoot this poor sap to take the heat off of Dubya. Actually I wouldn’t be surprised to hear that the shooting was staged to take peoples mind off of the real issues.
His arrogance to not come out and talk about the events, and hide it from the American people for over 24 hours, is without a doubt the ugliest display of arrogance in the history of the White House. If Clinton couldn’t get away with getting his knob polished what makes Cheney think he could get away with shooting an attorney?
However I am not surprised that there isn’t any real outcry for answers concerning the shooting. Cheney’s blatant lack of remorse for shooting a peon permeates all levels of society. If you are Vice President of the U.S. and shoot someone it is an “accidentâ€?. If you are Demario Watkins and shoot someone you will eat 10,000 watts of high voltage for 1st degree murder.
It is acceptable for authority figures to shoot someone without fear of repercussion. Just look at the behavior of those who have sworn to protect us. That’s right; I’m talking about Johnny Law. Policemen have one of the most difficult jobs on the planet. The suicide rate for policemen is higher than the suicide rate of any other profession. For the most part they do a fine job. But every now and then you will come across a few rogues that will run wild in the streets high on their own hubris and shoot anything that moves.
A perfect place to find examples of these trigger happy hotheads is the NYPD or New York Police Department if you are not a fan of acronyms. Yes, I am committing the cardinal sin of saying something bad about New York City. After 9-11 you aren’t supposed to say anything bad about the Big Apple. And for god’s sake don’t even question their “resiliencyâ€?. They may ship you off to Guantanamo Bay for such heretic thoughts. But I’m going to say what many of you are wanting to say; “Fuck New York Cityâ€?.
As for an example of the NYPD’s abuse of power let’s look at the case of Anibal Carasquillo. Carasquillo, a 21 year old Puerto Rican, was shot in the back after police caught him pissing on parked car windows. The coppers tried to claim they shot him in the chest after he turned around, but medical examiners exposed their cover-up. Even if he would have turned around they didn’t have to shoot him. How was he supposed to be holding a weapon? He was holding his dick. There are only a few guys out there lucky enough to have their penis confused with a giant hand cannon, but I doubt Carasqullio was. I can understand wanting to shoot someone for pissing on cars, but you have to have a bit more restraint. A proper punishment would have been clamping his cock with one of those giant black paperclips with the hinges. However shooting him was a bit much.
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