January 28, 2023

We must have picked the hottest day of the year to do this relatively safe and rewarding hike. Expect a workout, but just about anyone can do it as evidenced by the hordes of people we encountered on the way up and then back down. This is one of East Oahu’s more popular hikes so unless you go on a weekday, expect to see a few people.

Be sure to bring plenty of water with you and watch out for the roots, they are natural trippers.

This is a 3.4 mile trail with a 1700 foot elevation gain.

To get to the trailhead taek Kalinianaole Hwy to Kuliouou Road, follow this to Elelupe Road, make a left and then make a right back onto Kuliouou Road. Near the end of this go right onto Kalaau Place, go to the end and find a place to park in the neighborhood. The Cul de sac is no parking.

The trail starts past the board of water supply sign. Look for the switchbacks on the right so that you don’t take the valley trail. After this the trail is fairly clear through a pine forest to a pine needle covered ridge, this was the one spot I got a bit confused…you need to go left here. Continue up the trail and you will find a covered picnic area and finally the steep steps to the top. We met several hikers that were doing a much longer version of the hike and traversing around the neighboring peaks and ridges. We were okay with the vistas we found at Kuliouou.

Sierra Club

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