January 28, 2023

Kim Jong-il Bodyguards Show Superhuman Strength
A video purportedly showing the training of Kim Jong-il’s bodyguards interspersed with footage from an interview with Lee Yong-guk, a former bodyguard for the North Korean leader, is making waves in cyberspace. The clip can be accessed on an overseas website.
Jaw-dropping scenes show bodyguards snapping scantlings or crushing stone blocks with their bare hands, and they calmly endure being beaten with steel clubs. They dodge a barrage of thrown daggers.
The latter part of the video shows North Korea’s mass games, pointing out that about 20,000 young students had to practice more than 100 million hours for the performance.
The video can be found at “hergs.com” under the title “Bodyguard & Mass Games,” dating from July 5, 2002.

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