February 2, 2023

Well friends, it is apparent to me that Kim Jong Il is thinking of joining the rest of the world’s rich and famous by buying a house in Hawaii. Where most celebrities and eccentrics are forced to deal with the outrageous prices for real estate here, there are a few perks to being the dictator of a rogue regime that has nuclear weapons, you can lower the prices by aiming a long range test missile right to the area you want to buy. I have it on good authority that the missile was headed right to Kailua on the windward side of Oahu which is where Mink Hippie and I make our home. Kim Jong Il would be a great neighbor to have. Just ask South Korea. I would help him build the tunnel under our fence. My yard would suddenly not be the most neglected in the neighborhood. I suspect that this would be a good thing. Mink Hippie however seems to think that Kim Jong Il may have taken my light hearted affectionate teasing as an insult and as a result could be of a mind to blow Incredible Fukn.us off the face of the planet. I have news for him if that is the case. Our servers are housed in a foreign country and in the event that North Korea should blow Mink Hippie and I to kingdom come, Bernest and Bambi would carry the Incredible Fukn flag to ever greater heights. We are not only incredible, we are unstoppable.

TOKYO (Reuters) – A North Korean missile launched on Wednesday was aimed at an area of the ocean close to Hawaii, a Japanese newspaper reported on Friday.
Experts estimated the Taepodong-2 ballistic missile to have a range of up to 6,000 km, putting Alaska within its reach. Wednesday’s launch apparently failed shortly after take-off and the missile landed in the sea between the Korean peninsula and Japan, a few hundred kilometres from the launch pad.
But data from U.S. and Japanese Aegis radar-equipped destroyers and surveillance aircraft on the missile’s angle of take-off and altitude indicated that it was heading for waters near Hawaii, the Sankei Shimbun reported, citing multiple sources in the United States and Japan.
North Korea may have targeted Hawaii to show the United States that it was capable of landing a missile there, or because it is home to the headquarters of the U.S. Pacific fleet, the paper said.
An alternative explanation might be that a missile could accidentally hit land if fired towards Alaska, the report said.
A separate report in the Mainichi Shimbun daily cited U.S. and Japanese government officials as saying a piece of the Taepodong-2 missile fell off immediately after take-off, strengthening the view that the launch was a failure.

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