January 31, 2023

Oooo, he has a special armored train! What do you think it looks like inside?
KimJongIlamong theflowers

North Korean leader Kim Jong-il travelled to China on Tuesday in a special armoured train, reports said.
The train carrying the secretive leader passed through the town of Dandong on the Chinese border before dawn amid tight security, the reports said.
“The scene was quite similar to one in April 2004, when Kim Jong-il visited China by a special train,” said South Korean news agency Yonhap.
Neither North Korea or China, its closest ally, have confirmed the visit.

The reported visit comes as six-nation talks on North Korea’s nuclear ambitions appear to be stalled.
North Korea agreed at six-party talks in Beijing in September to abandon a nuclear programme in return for economic and security guarantees.
But soon after, it said it would not scrap its nuclear deterrent until it was given a civilian nuclear reactor.

BBC NEWS | Asia-Pacific | Kim Jong-il ‘makes Chinese visit’

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