February 2, 2023

usually this kind of celebrity gossip makes me cry. This made me laugh. Howard Stern talked about it on his show. I would feel sorry for the bartenders for not getting a tip. But I know how much these bartenders make. I used to hang out at this bar. More often than I care to admit. Thankfully, I was never assaulted with chicken wings….
Steppin’ Out magazine reports that longtime Los Feliz celebrity mascot Kiefer Sutherland went on a whirlwind tour of the Hillhurst Ave. dive bar circuit (OK, there are just two, and it’s more like a 100-yard stumble than a tour, but still) this weekend, winding up at Ye Rustic for a relaxing brunch of chicken wings, karate kicks, and scotch. From Page Six:

“24” STAR Kiefer Sutherland shocked staffers at the Ye Rustic Inn in Los Feliz, Calif., the other morning when he bellied up to the bar around 9 a.m. demanding to start a tab, reports Steppin’ Out magazine. Editor Chaunce Hayden says the normally thick-waisted Sutherland looked “rail-thin” when he entered the tiny dive bar with a group of rowdy pals and ordered a round of drinks. According to witnesses, when presented with the bill, Sutherland claimed his wallet was “indisposed” – “It’s been stolen! I promise I’ll come back and pay.” At that point, things got weird. “He started to go into a series of karate kicks in the middle of the floor while the bartender, waitress and several customers looked on,” Hayden reports. Thankfully, a star-struck fan agreed to buy him several J&B’s on the rocks. After devouring a plate of chicken wings and littering the floor with bones, the star left without tipping. Sutherland, it turns out, was winding down from a very long night at the Drawing Room across the street. A rep for Sutherland did not respond to a call for comment.

Somehow we doubt that any “staffers” were too “shocked,” as the sight of Sutherland weaving around the neighborhood is about as rare as the afternoon visit from the mailman. But if we’ve learned anything about Kiefer in the last few weeks, it’s that he’s the politest of stars, even in the midst of a Christmas tree assaulting bender, and we’re surprised that this report didn’t note that he probably turned to the bartender and formally asked permission before commencing a demonstration of his impressive martial arts repertoire.

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