January 26, 2023

As readers of Fukn.us must know by now, I have a deep respect for the Arab world and for the religion of Islam. I am a huge fan of countries that stand up to the seeming hegemony of the United States, I am a vocal critic of my country and the policies it is spreading around the world, I think President Bush is a guy that never should have gotten the job and is in way over his head…all that being said…after reading the story below, I have one thing to say to Zawahri…Fuck you. Prick. If you idealogues would shut the fuck up and stop giving Bush and his hawks reason to kill more innocent people, maybe the world would be able to knock some sense into him. The United States is too stupid and bullheaded to be scared of you, we aren’t scared to be blown up…we’re scared to be knocked from the top of the mountain. The idea of terrorism doesn’t scare us, the idea of bankruptcy and not being able to make our payments scares us. We are not terrified of losing our children to your bombs, we are terrified of losing our pride…look at history and you will see that we are not scared of dropping nuclear bombs after peace has been arrived at because the terms didn’t suit us (Japan), we are not scared of defoliating countries that are our allies in an effort to drive their populations into cities where they can be more easily manipulated (Laos), and we are not scared to use our economic policies to destroy emerging economies so that we can retain the upper hand (Africa, Latin America, the Caribbean, and anywhere else). In short, we are not scared to invade a sovereign country under false pretenses, install a leader into the UN that is favoriable to us, and put millions of people in poverty in order to increase our GDP. So listen Al Qaida….we know the CIA trained you, we know you are doing what you think is right, but shut the fuck up and give us a chance to stop killing innocent people.

DUBAI (Reuters) – Al Qaeda deputy leader Ayman al-Zawahri mocked U.S. President George W. Bush’s plan to send more troops to Iraq, saying militants could wipe out the entire U.S. army, according to an Internet video posted on Monday. Zawahri’s comments were published on the Web site of the U.S.-based SITE institute, www.siteinstitute.org, which searches and analyses militant networks. It said the video was broadcast on al Qaeda’s multimedia arm as-Sahab, which it monitors.
“Why send 20,000 only? Why not send 50 or 100,000? Aren’t you aware that the dogs of Iraq are pining for your troops’ dead bodies?” he said.
Bush plans to send a further 21,500 U.S. soldiers to Iraq to help the government improve security, particularly in Baghdad.
It was al Qaeda’s first reaction to the U.S. plan.
Zawahri taunted Bush further by inviting him to send the whole U.S. army to Iraq, and said the “mujahideen” were capable of destroying the equivalent of 10 armies.
He reiterated past offers to the U.S. people of security by reaching an “understanding” with Muslims, and saidw peace would be impossible if Americans continued to follow the policies of Bush and his administration.
“If we are secure, you might be secure, and if we are safe, you might be safe,” the Web site quoted Zawahri as saying. Turning to Afghanistan, Zawahri said the United States had failed to deprive the Taliban of a haven there and had had to turn to NATO for help.
Zawahri urged Muslims to launch a jihad or holy war, saying Bush’s plan to send more troops to Iraq made it an obligation for all Muslims to defend Islam.

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