February 8, 2023

That does it, no more jogging! Can you believe that when a woman runs one mile her breasts bounce 135 meters?!
The study also noted that breasts bounce in a figure-of-eight shape. Imagine all the damage those poor tassel-twirling strippers do to their supporting ligaments….

Millions of women may be jogging their way to sagging breasts as they set off on New Year fitness regimes without suitable bras, research suggests.
Some 9.5 million British women could be irreversibly damaging their busts by exercising without a proper sports bra, the Portsmouth University team said.
They found breasts moved in a 3D figure of eight and that uncontrolled movement strained fragile tissues and ligaments.
The study suggested as a woman runs a mile, her breasts bounced 135m.
The report found each breast moved independently of the body by an average of 9cm for every step taken on the treadmill.
With the average breast weighing between 200 and 300 grams, this movement puts great stress on the breast’s fragile support structure – the outer skin and connective tissues known as Cooper’s ligaments.

BBC NEWS | Health | Jogging your way to saggy breasts

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