February 1, 2023

(now who doesn’t love a good hoax, especially if it regards the fanny. B.E.)
Japundit » The latest craze in Japan . . . Not!!
What is it about Japanese women that people around the world are ready to believe just about any outrageous hoax about them that some knucklehead throws together and posts on the Internet? The hoaxes are easy to spot, because they always have a sexual theme that is touted as “the latest craze in Japan,â€? and they are always accompanied by Photo Shopped images claiming to be “proof.â€?
Two of the most famous Japan craze hoaxes are the see-through skirt hoax (neither the see-through version nor the printed-on version of this hoax is true) and the scanty bathing suit hoax.
See-through skirt hoax

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