February 1, 2023


In a nightclub in Ivory Coast’s main city, Abidjan, DJ Lewis stretches his arms out either side of his body, bends his arms at the wrists, and begins trembling like a man possessed.
A man possessed? Three seconds later, the DJ and musician sets that impression straight, by clucking loudly in his best imitation of a dying chicken.
“It’s like a chicken with Parkinson’s disease trying to dance to hip-hop,” said one onlooker.
Welcome to the latest craze in Ivory Coast’s ever-inventive night life: the bird flu dance.
The deadly avian disease was discovered in Ivory Coast last week, and within days DJ Lewis had come up with the bird flu dance.
“I created the dance to bring happiness to the hearts of Africans, and to chase away fear, the fear of eating chicken” he told the BBC.
“If we kill all our chickens and poultry, our cousins in the village will become poor.
“So I created the bird flu dance to put joy back into our hearts.”
The dance, which requires firm muscles and quick movements, as well as a healthy lack of concern about looking ridiculous, has yet to catch on everywhere in Abidjan.

BBC NEWS | Africa | Ivorians catch bird flu dance fever

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