January 31, 2023

Anthony ROUSSEAU has put on line a multimedia work, “Voyelles” at http://screenplayer.free.fr/ The project rests upon a poem of Arthur
Rimbaud, “Voyelles” (1871), which uses a poetic correspondence between
the vowels, colours and sounds. His work uses an extensive text in which the user can compose his text and edit it to actualize images and videos (240), which invest in an aleatory way a screen devised in 6 equal parts, during
the time of visual re/de-composition, while a sound is played.
He also has put on line 4 videos (“Odyssée : le chant du monde, acteI”, “La dernière lettre du Yage”, “Je danse comme un papillon”, “Interzone : Burroughs rock’n roll”) sur le site : http://i.video.free.fr
I.Vidéo/Art vidéo sur Internet/ Je danse comme un papillon/ La dernière lettre du Yage/ Interzone : Burroughs rock’n roll/ Odyssée : le chant du Monde, acte I/Anthony Rousseau
(Thanks Izzy…)

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