January 26, 2023

Wow…Busy Day! Mink Hippie flew to Seattle for a conference and yours truly went through the final stages of becoming a TV Gameshow Host….I’ll give you more details when I have them…Meanwhile, Bernest Ernstein is still MIA and S-Dog is juxtaposing philosophies to create a personal religion…Hopefully, we will all have more details for you soon…in the meantime…have you seen this?
It’s the site of the living dead, as cult films hit Web CNET News.com

    Dr. Jekyll, Bruce Lee and Notre Dame’s hunchback are all finding new shelf space on a start-up’s site.
    Last week, Veoh Networks began offering free downloads of cult classics, including kung fu flicks such as “Ninja Death 1,” John Wayne movies like “The Lucky Texan” and black-and-white horrors such as “The Brain That Wouldn’t Die.”
    Thanks to the proliferation of broadband Internet access, video downloads have become increasingly popular. Blockbuster.com and Netflix have been facing off in the retail space. File-sharing sites also attract movie buffs, though the legality of such downloads remains iffy. Other start-ups, such as Brightcove.com, are testing the waters. And on the smaller screen, downloads for Apple Computer’s video iPod are gaining an audience.
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