January 31, 2023

Something about this doesn’t sound right… the man hit his head on the chandelier and severed a tendon in his arm? Hmmm, did he perhaps punch the chandelier?? Or is he just the unluckiest man alive? And are they really blaming Philippe Starck?

Baywatch star David Hasselhoff was taken to hospital after a shaving accident in London.
The Hoff, 53, was shaving after using the gym at the capital’s Sanderson Hotel.
But he bumped his head on the chandelier in the Philippe Starck-designed men’s room.
The dark lighting had obscured his view and the former Knight Rider’s right arm was cut by shards of glass from the chandelier, severing a tendon.
A spokeswoman said the star was “out of hospital and ready to continue his work tomorrowâ€? filming an advert for a British internet company.

IOL: Hasselhoff in shaving accident

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