January 29, 2023

As I get ready for this trip, I realize just how much the world has changed since the days when traveling was for the most part, a solitary affair. I’m meeting interesting people that are on interesting missions that are being broadcast, blogged, or shared with the world through the internet just about everywhere I go. I don’t think I will be doing anything quite as special as these folks. I’m just moving around. Looking at stuff. Writing about it.
I met Lynette Chiang, the Gal from Down Under, who rides all over the world on a Bike Friday.
Then there were the Junk Raft guys.
And Roz Savage rowing across the pacific.
Most recently I’ve met one of the Social Monks, Paul. Paul is currently biking around the Hawaiian Islands, without the monk’s habit.

Then there is the guy I met that is using facebook to sleep with girls in every city he goes to. I don’t know if he is blogging or not. I didn’t get a url.
I’ve run into some people who told me about old hippies living in the forest in Frankfurt to stop a proposed airport expansion. I may go hang out with them.
But there is more. There is the guy who is walking across America. Actually, there seem to be a lot of people doing this right now.
Then there is the guy who is walking around the earth.
This guy is hitchhiking from North America to South, then from Africa to Europe.
And believe me, there are more.

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