February 2, 2023

Well folks…since I’ve been getting a few emails where people ask me what to do with the situation they find themselves in, I figure I might as well go public…if you want to know how to handle a situation in your life and you want to trust a formerly homeless 33 (almost 34) year old man that doesn’t own a car to tell you how to handle it, than you are in luck! Write me and not only will I post your letter but I will actually tell you how I think it best to handle whatever you are grappling with. That’s right. Free advice on your life from The Chairman of the Fukn Bored. Bernest and Mink Hippie might even chime in and maybe even S-dog…..
So tell me what ails you friends? I promise to post and answer every email and tell you exactly how this flawed human would handle said situation…
chris damitio

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