January 26, 2023

Summer White Wine

Ice Cream Ball
Everyone loves ice cream. Here at Firebox the whole office lets out a collective ‘Woo-hoo’ the second the ice cream van pulls up outside playing Greensleeves. But wouldn’t it be great if you could make delicious homemade ice cream quickly, easily and without an electricity socket in sight? And wouldn’t it be even better if you could play ball whilst doing it? Well guess what, strange as it sounds, now you can!
The ingenious Ice Cream Ball is the fun and easy way to make yummy homemade ice cream. Why? Because the ice cream is formed by rolling the ball around. Simply bung your ice cream ingredients in one end, cram ice and rock salt in the other and then play with the ball.
Ice Cream Ball After about 20 minutes you’ll have a pint of delicious homemade ice cream. No van required! (Having said that, you’re welcome to hum Popeye the Sailor Man as you shake, pass and roll the durable polycarbonate Ice Cream Ball around). Your ice cream’s consistency will vary based on the ingredients, ice/salt mix, outside temperature and shaking frequency. If it’s not quite right, simply put the lid back on and roll the ball around for a few more minutes.

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