January 28, 2023

Fairhaven by Chris Damitio
I absolutely love where I live. Mountains, coastline, lakes, streams. The natural beauty is incredible, but everybody knows that. I love where I live. I live in Fairhaven
About 100 years ago, what is now called Bellingham was made up of Whatcom, Bellingham, Sehome, and Fairhaven. Fairhaven was a swinging litttle boomtown. Brothels, bars, and hotels lined the streets, including the fanciest hotel that had ever been built in the Pacific Northwest, The Fairhaven. Mark Twain and William Howard Taft both stayed there.It was all in anticipation of Fairhaven becoming the terminus for the Northern Railroad, but the railroad never came. But that wasn’t the end.Fairhaven remained distinct as a home to adventurous spirits and free thinkers. In the 1950’s, 60’s and 70’s Fairhaven was a natural gathering place for the beat generation, hippies, protesters, and intellectuals. The Canadians turned back fleeing progressive youth who settled here. Sure, it’s a little “gift shoppy” these days, but wait til’ the Cruise Industry comes!
Coast Gaurd ships and even the Rainbow Warrior have already graced our little town. Fairhaven has everyting but a disco, an auto parts store, and a music shop for cd’s and music. Would someone please open those three business’s?
. Here is my promised review of a few places:
1) Bob’s burgers and brew-huge burgers and fries. Bukowski-like bar and regulars. Fantastic Sunday Brunch. A little spendy, but good.**1/2
2)Skylarks has great atmosphere and tasty food. ****
3)Winns has the best butterscotch shakes in town.Cheap and not corporate!***1/2
4)The Chat Noir is the classiest joint in town!****
and I had another *** for The Daily Wrap, but I see they are closed. What a bummer. I think it happened because they raised the price of their basic black bean and rice wrap.Add The Daily Wrap to my list of auto parts, music, and disco.

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