January 31, 2023

I think it’s interesting what people eat…apparently dog is still good food in parts of Switzerland too.
These days dogs are treated like an adored member of the family in Seoul where they were once raised to feed the hungry stomach of their masters. Yet dog meat is so popular among the Korean people even instant dog soups line supermarket shelves.
Furthermore, a dog meat buffet appeared in a satellite city of Songnam east of Seoul, touching off a flurry of complaints from groups of animal lovers. They demanded the ward office crack down on the buffet restaurant.
In South Korea killing dogs is illegal. Cooking and selling dog meat are also banned because it is designated as abominable food by law. But the reality is that an increasing number of Korean people are enjoying dog meat or soup.
It is not unusual to spot young ladies and even small kids eating dog meat along with their parents in downtown restaurants. Traditionally dog meat and soups are considered as stamina food for adult males.
In the past Korean people had to kill their dogs to supplement their scant protein intake. Nowadays, the younger generation of Koreans are turning to canine meat for its taste and nutrition.
before….to high cuisine….after
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