January 31, 2023

Just about a year after HST blew his brains out in Aspen, his widow is getting ready to offer fans a rare photo download. Personally, I’m still fairly pissed at HST for doing it, but I suppose he had his reasons…and at least he got his ashes shot out of a cannon thanks to Johnny Depp.
ASPEN, Colo. – The widow of Hunter S. Thompson said she would let fans download a rarely seen photo of the gonzo journalist posted his Web site to mark the anniversary of his death.
Hunter S. Thompson was 67 when he shot himself to death Feb. 20 in his home in Woody Creek, apparently despondent over health problems.
Anita Thompson said she decided to offer the photo on http://gonzostore.com in response to fans who have written her asking the anniversary.
“I really want to thank everyone, including Hunter’s fans,” Anita Thompson told The Associated Press on Sunday. “I’ve been surrounded by wonderful letters and e-mails and cards for the entire year. I can’t thank them enough. This is a small gesture, the least I can do.”
Anita Thompson said she took the photo at the Chateau Marmont in Los Angeles, when her husband had friends over as he was writing one of his columns.
“He has a special look in his eye that he had once in while when he was up to something but was totally at peace,” she said. “I’ve taken thousands of pictures of him, but this one is my favorite. And nobody has seen it.”
Under the photo will be one of her husband’s favorite quotes that she typed on his typewriter. She wouldn’t reveal the quote but gave a hint: It’s about Bob Dylan.
Ralph Steadman, who illustrated many of Thompson’s works, has the only copy of the photo ever issued, she said.
Anita Thompson said she is still working on organizing a symposium on her husband for the summer in either Aspen or San Francisco.

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