February 1, 2023

This sounds like a movie.

Three Singaporeans on a mission to find a karate legend have been found huddled in an abandoned car on a north Japanese mountainside, local media reports say.
One of the Singaporeans told police in Hirosaki his dying father had told his group to seek the master.
Thirteen people had set out from Singapore but one group became lost on the slopes of Mount Iwaki.
One member told TV Asahi: “Japan looked so small on the map that we thought we would find him straight away.”
Japanese media said the group included the wife of the man who made the dying wish.
The 13 had split into three groups, with another four resting at a hotel.
The three men who got lost telephoned for help from a mobile phone.
Police said they were wearing only light clothing on the mountain, which is 1,600 metres (5,249 feet) high.
“Neither police nor local people know of anyone running karate classes in this area,” the Reuters news agency quoted a police spokesman as saying.

BBC NEWS | Asia-Pacific | Hunt for karate legend goes cold

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