January 29, 2023

(Lena just sent me this…I have registered and am going to write my novel “The Philosopher’s Bum” throughout November…cd)
How to Write a Novel in 5 Easy Steps: by, Lisa Randall
1 – log on to http://nanowrimo.com, sign in, list the name of your book, and create a profile.
2 – From there you’re on the honor system. You can have an idea formed and an outline in place but you may not write a single word before midnight Nov. 1.
3 – All books must be works of fiction, obviously your own and must be complete and posted by midnight Nov. 30.
4 – During the month you are responsible for posting your work count whenever you write and these numbers are transformed into cool charts and graphs that you can revel in while procrastinating your next paragraph.
5 – If you complete the 50,000 words by the deadline, you post your novel and pat yourself on the back – then you crawl into a hole and contemplate the various treatments for carpal tunnel syndrome.

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