February 1, 2023

I wrote not too long ago about smuggling the dreaded cigarette lighter…can’t say that I’ve been groped by a screener, but I can always hope for that next time….here are the bare bones….

    One passenger complained that a 12-inch meat cleaver packed in a piece of carry-on luggage was undetected at a Honolulu checkpoint.
    Another Honolulu passenger reported that she forgot she had a pocketknife in her purse and went through a checkpoint in Honolulu, where screeners didn’t find it.
    Then there’s the woman who complained that she had a bottle of pepper spray in her carry-on luggage and it got through checkpoints like this in Honolulu, Atlanta and Chicago.”
    People reported hundreds of thefts from luggage, which they blamed on TSA employees, along with security breaches and inappropriate behavior by screeners.
    In one case, a man stopped for a body search complained that a male TSA screener repeatedly groped his crotch area.
    The TSA has fired 112 Honolulu employees in the last four years for misconduct, sleeping on duty, and being drunk at work, among other offenses
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