January 29, 2023

We saw this on the news last night. The guy was very good natured as he stood there in handcuffs. He is supporting three families on an island where minimum rent for a one bedroom is usually somewhere in the neighborhood of $1500 a month and the typical job pays $10 or less an hour. This is before the taxes are taken out. I love Hawaii, but it is a brutal place for families without high paying professions to try to make a living. You can say, why don’t they move somewhere cheaper? A lot of people do, they go to Vegas, they go to Iowa, they go all over…but the real question is why should they have to move from a place where they have lived for generations? Why should they have to move from where their family lives? We’re not talking about moving from San Francisco to Redding, we are talking about moving 5000 miles away to a place where you can’t visit unless you have enough money to buy a plane ticket. This is the kind of injustice and indecency that the United States allows to be heaped upon its citizens and this is the reason why I think this guy did the right thing. It’s just too bad he got caught…I guess his disguises weren’t good enough to hide his fingerprints…

Yesterday, Honolulu police officers arrested Michael Rosario Sr. without incident, the culmination of a case built on forensic evidence that eventually led to a tip from his employer. Police said their suspect — known for masquerading as a woman, a wounded soldier and a hospital worker — stayed true to form even up to his arrest. Rosario was wearing a white chef’s apron when he was picked up on Sand Island after his boss told police he was coming to get a paycheck, police said.
When he was brought to downtown police headquarters, Rosario told KITV-4 he thought he’d get away with the robberies “’cause I had good disguises.” Asked what drove him to commit the robberies, Rosario said “Robin Hood syndrome,” possibly alluding to the fictional character’s code of stealing from the rich to give to the poor. Read the whole story

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