February 5, 2023

Camping World
I think the tribal council may vote him off the island.

It was just after nine — when a city bus bound for Hanauma Bay, Sandy Beach and Sea Life Park — stopped in Hawaii Kai.
“A passenger tried to get on the bus with an unsheathe spear gun — and that’s an item that is prohibited on a transit bus,” said Roger Morton from Oahu Transit Service.
The driver told the 45-year-old man he could not enter the bus with a dangerous item. Police say that’s when the passenger “poked at the driver.”
“The driver refused his entrance into the bus which is the right thing to do — the person was apparently upset — and there was a window broken in sort of an angry gesture,” said Morton.
The driver and his passengers were not injured.
“The driver did the right thing — he called central control — the police responded immediately — the individual was a little belligerent I’m told,” said MOrton.
The suspect then fled up Kalanianaole Highway.
“Yeah it was scary,” said Hannah Apolo.
Apolo was at nearby Kuliouou Park when she noticed police converging on this bathroom.
“He just didn’t have any place to run,” said Apolo.
45-year-old Jon Clayton Sheldon was arrested for criminal property damage and for interfering with a public transit operator.
“Interfering with the operation of a public transit bus is a class C felony — which is a very serious crime,” said Morton. “Anytime anybody is waving a spear and bang a bus with a spear would be something that a bus driver would be very uncomfortable with.”
As detectives pieced together their case, area residents assisted police in the effort to recover the missing spear.
“I think he threw it in the water,” said Apolo.
“We noticed how low the tide was this morning so we figured might be a little easier to find the weapon — no luck just yet — but there’s a lot of grounds to be covered out this area,” said area resident, Wade Matsueda.
“It’s at ease now — at least I can sit here with peace of mind,” said Apolo.
Residents say they’re grateful the suspect was caught — and are hopeful the incident doesn’t scar Hawaii’s image.
“The community out here is pretty nice — it’s a shame that it happens out here in our community,” said Matsueda.
“It’s sad — I don’t know what this world is coming to — what happened to the aloha,” said Apolo.
Police say the suspect has no local address or any prior arrests.

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