January 30, 2023

How is this for cool. Not too long ago this was the stuff of science fiction but now you can buy it for right around $300 (Ipod not included). This is cool technology.

Welcome to Icuiti
New from Icuiti: iWear. Designed exclusively for use with your Apple iPod, iWear includes revolutionary new features and benefits that make it the hottest must-have accessory for video iPod owners!
No more small screen viewing here; iWear projects a virtual 44″ screen creating a movie theatre experience that fits in the palm of your hand and weighs in at a mere 4 ounces. The exceptionally lightweight and sleek design coupled with a user adjustable nosepiece and removable, flexible headphones guarantees maximum comfort. iWear plugs directly into the iPod bottom dock connector which it also powers off of so there are no messy power cords or bulky battery packs to get in your way. Additionally, your iPod’s battery life will remain the same as if you were using the iPod screen. Independent focus adjusters allow iWear users to compensate from 2 to -5 diopters through quick and easy tuning; however prescription eyeglasses or contacts can still be worn in conjunction with iWear.
You can now enjoy your favorite 2D movies, TV shows, Podcasts, music videos and slide shows in-style and with excellent quality. iWear also offers privacy so you no longer have to worry about someone looking over your shoulder. Best of all, amazing 3D content is available for a stunning 3D viewing experience.
With powerful high-resolution displays and great mobility, iWear offers you the Big Picture on the go!

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