January 31, 2023

Apparently, the powers that be have realized that it’s idiotic to call French Fries anything but French Fries. Personally, I think this is all an attempt to save face as the Ayatollah in Iran makes similar changes. What has been happening is certain parties are claiming in Iran that their language is being infused with foreign words, like Pizza, so now they are calling pizza the persian equivalent of ‘elastic bread’. Hmm…sound familiar? It was back in 2003 when France refused to support the US led Iraq war that some asinine lawmaker on capital hill suggested that they rename the French Fries in the cafeterias that the lawmakers dine in. A bunch of other dunces (elected by us..well not by Fukn.us) followed suit and soon all five ot the cafeterias had Freedom Fries on the menu. Well, apparently, in the last two weeks, the last of the menues have reverted back to French Fries. Hopefully you see the connection here. So now we can only wait until Iran notices that Pizza is going to stay pizza. Ask the Academie de Francaise.
Summer White Wine

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