February 6, 2023

Yesterday was another fine day on Oahu. Mink and I decided to go visit our friend Conrad who works at Hawaiian Sunshine Nursery in Waimanalo. We’ve been getting into tropical plants lately and I’ve started a small kine garden in our yard, so it was a real treat to have Conrad show us around the grounds. In the process we ended up buying a few beautiful plants. We bought a nice red bromiliad, a braided Malibar Chestnut tree for the inside of our hale, a zemiofolia (which Conrad tells us not even Mink Hippie can killl), and a “Sandy” Pink Quill plant.
Tillandsia cyanea ‘Sandy’ “Pink Quill” is a member of the bromeliad family featuring a hot pink paddle-shaped inflorescence with purple, spicy-fragrant flowers.
Later in the day after various shopping ventures, lunch, and a nap we took a trip to the Kailua Farmers Market which happens every Thurday night from 5-7:30 PM in the parking garage behind Longs. There is always delicious food, lots of great local products, and last night there was some great slide blues guitar by “Boogie” with Blues. We stocked up on our Thai Ginger Syrup from PacifiKool, fresh veggies, and bread from Ba Le.
Another great day in Hawai’i. Hard not to have one.
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