January 26, 2023

Flashback 2005. This was one of those bizarre days I shared that I still think about. I posted this on my old blog and it inspired a long string of hate and troll attacks that culminated with someone posting my face on pictures of gay porn and posting them on craigslist…totally bizarre.I wonder if that will happen again as I repost this eight years later ~Vago

Another note – it was a dickhead move for me to include the names of the presenters and I have removed them. My apologies. ~Vago

Massage therapy, multi-level marketing, and spiritual coaching. It wasn’t exactly what I had in mind when I went to the Hawaii Convention Center today for the Body Mind Spirit Expo.

I should of expected what it was, a bunch of new age multi-level marketing strategists, Japanese tarot card readers, and nutcase guru types. Instead I had gone with the hope of attending some exciting lectures about alternative healing in a western context. I was hoping to encounter complimentary practitioners and modern perspectives on the viability of holistic methods. Not to be. Instead there was (and I’m not joking) the Celtic Lady (international psychic medium) anIntuitive Past Life Healer Limu, the new superfood, and Psycic Aura Therapy.

While I didn’t attend all the presentationss, my first lecture of the day was the most memorable. I still can’t get rid of the smell. It was the self proclaimed graduate of the school of hard knocks explaining his success at passing life’s many tests. I was annoyed by his continued request to close our eyes…his words here “we have our eyes open all the time, now is a good time to let them rest” I do that at night when I sleep.

Thanks. While he seemed like a very nice man, I wasn’t overly impressed by the following story as a motivational tool. “When I first became homeless, I refused to eat garbage, and then I found a bag full of quarters so that I wouldn’t have to.” Profound. while he never explained how a homeless New York kid got involved with a Cherokee Indian Shaman he did ask all of us to hold out our hands and that’s when he sprayed what smelled and looked like the substance barbers sanitize their combs in on all of us. He said it was his secret potion. I hope it wasn’t anthrax. Even after a huge bike ride and a shower the smell still won’t get off me.

My next lecture was from the Instant Kahuna. She explained that Hawaiian Legend says that a fair headed woman would take a leadership role in the Kahuna Tradition. Apparently, since she is a blond white woman, it must be her. She claimed to be able to heal instantly and that she rediscovered this ancient Hawaiian ability in 2000. I got lost in her rap about chakras. Apparently she has rediscovered some Ayurevedic terminology too. Maybe the Indians have a legend about a fair haired woman too.

A lecture on manifesting your creative goals was the most enjoyable to me. Okay, I admit it, I fell asleep during the meditation and had a dream about the woman I love. When I woke up everyone was clapping. At first I thought they were clapping for me.

My final lecture of the day was the one I had the greatest hope for. During Fundamentals of Complimentary and Alternative Medicine ( I wonder if she is really a doctor), kept telling us about how her employers brand of soy product can ‘repair your DNA’. She said that whatever genetic problems you have inherited in your DNA can be repaired…and she said that if you eat too much chicken it can cause arthritis because it will make your hands look like Chicken Claws.I’m really not making this up. When she was asked a serious question she said that she had just written a ‘medical paper’ on that very thing and changed the subject without saying a word more.

The Expo continues tomorrow (Sunday) from 11 to 6. Admission for both days was $8. If you want to go…you can have my ticket, I won’t be going back. In all more than 50 lectures and 60 exhibitors on a wide variety of topics, including healing and rejuvenation, reincarnation, hands-on spiritual healers, massage therapists, chiropractors, astrologers, angelic counseling, guides and psychics, and looking and feeling great naturally using multi level marketed products that make amazing claims. ..

Small wonder that alternative practitioners and complimentary medicine proponents don’t get taken seriously. Although none of them were at this event that I saw, they tend to get thrown in with this crowd. Too bad.



5 thoughts on “Hawaii Mind Body Spirit Expo – Kooks Are Us

    1. +Natsu – I’m sorry to hear that. Trust is something so precious and so easily exploited.

  1. Hello I am Siddhartha Hector Malone, the nephew of Siddhartha Nadi Malone. I am the self proclaimed graduate of The School of Hard knocks. I know we favor because he is my moms brother. If you resurched the Facebook page where the proclamation was made you’d see the age difference and the fact that I live on the East COAST! Not in Hawaii. My uncle is and always was what he says he is. You must be a fork tounged individual to say that my Uncle is a nice man but then try to discredit him. I must say that that is not very nice of you at all. I don’t know the rest of the folks you mentioned but I won’t allow my Uncles name to be dragged through the mud. Peace on you.

    1. The article was written a long time ago. You are right, it wasn’t very nice. I’m revising it now.

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