February 5, 2023
Center of the World

Travel is so easy in our world. People get on planes, they watch movies, eat, sleep, use the bathroom…and then they get off the plane and enjoy the next spot. Just chilling out as they fly through the air in reclining seats at hundreds of miles per hour.

Look at the map above. Hawai’i is that tiny set of dots in the very middle of the Pacific Ocean. We are further than everywhere than anywhere else on the planet. We are the most remote inhabited landmass in the world. We are, actually, the true center of the world.

The whole world comes here, the whole world knows about these tiny islands. The whole world dreams about this place. We have all religions, all languages, all people of all shapes, colors, and sizes. We are the world. The maps are wrong. They place us on the left or on the right or sometimes they don’t even put us on the map. Even the maps produced by the country we were incorporated into sometimes leave us off of them. The maps put a big snowfield on top – nobody lives there. Few dream of going there.

We are part Asian, part European, part African, part Australian, part American and a part of you -whether you know it or not. I believe that it’s time to stop listening to all the nonsense of the politicians and the flat-earthers and the people who don’t understand aloha.

Hawai’i belongs in the center of the map. It should be the capital of the world. Like the moon, it should not belong to one country. Hawai’i should be for everyone. From our beautiful beaches to our sacred mountain – which just happens to be the best window into the entire universe from this planet…

It’s time for Hawai’i to become free and independent – it’s time to give Hawai’i to the world. The United Nations should move from New York and the United States should move from Hawai’i. It’s time.

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