January 31, 2023

For those of you who are curious, I have begun blogging Hawaiian adventures, restaurants, hikes, and life at my Hawai’i specific site, HawaiiChicken.com I will endeavor to post a few things from there, here now and then.

Hawaii Chicken » Mt. Olomana- The Matterhorn of Oahu!
Today I got together with my friends Ryan and Jessie and we climbed Mt. Olomana in Kailua. Stuart Ball describes it in “The Hikers Guide to Oahu�? as “Oahu’s Version of the Matterhorn.�? It is a 6-mile roundtrip, ungraded hike with an elevation gain of 1600 feet. There are three peaks. The access is through the Luana Hills Country Club near Maunawili Road. Along the way are lilikoi (passion fruit) and Guava. This is a hike for experienced hikers. Jessie opted to relax on the first peak while Ryan and I scaled ropes up and then down the second and third. We all had ’sketch’ moments. A few that come to mind were a sudden rush of dark clouds that surrounded us and poured rain just as we reached a sheer rock face, a descent on a rope that required us to hang over a drop of several hundred feet, and a scramble over a loose rock and dirt saddle that offered no ropes or handholds. We saw plenty of people turn back before the first summit and nobody else go to the second or third. People often express amazement that I hike in my slippers (flip flops) but I find that I have more flexibility and use of my toes with them. I am amazed they find it so amazing, though this time, I did break a toenail on my big toe. It’s a bummer so soon after my pedicure, but no worries, the feet still look pretty. This is not a climb for the timid. It is not a climb for those who can’t pull themselves up a rope for extended periods. It is however, a fun hike, and it offers an incredible views in 360 degrees. My pictures don’t do it justice but here they are.
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