January 28, 2023

Here are a few of the most interesting or personally offensive hatemails of the past few weeks…oh and one completely self serving one…thanks.
You are such self righteous schmuck. Do you really think you have the right to spout your left wing propaganda with no repurcusions? You were probably kicked out of the Marines for being a homo. If plowing down all of Fairy Haven would get rid of commies like you I’d do it myself. I hate you.
hate, Bob Nelson
I was honorably discharged from the Marines. You should come into my room and see my discharge. The Major said I was the best Seargent he ever had (wink, wink). Other than that Bob, I appreciate you opening your mind long enough to read what I have to say. Please say hello to Joseph McCarthy for me.
Ramblin Man If you’re so ready to take in a couple of refugees why don’t you take in some homeless aids victims or heroin addicts. The homeless aren’t all there by choice. Some people have real illnesses and can’t afford homes. L. Smith, Vancouver B.C.
You’re right. There are homeless people who can’t control their circumstances….but friggin junkies are not in that classsification. Neither are alcoholics or tramps. Help is available for just about anyone who wants it. The reason I said a couple Kosavars could live with me is because they wouldn’t be accustomed to a lifestyle of excess like spoiled Americans who cry about gas taxes. A junkie has habits beyond my means and I just don’t like to live with sick people.
Bellinghamblin Man, Whats a guy like you want in a woman? hate, azwebgirl@az.com
Thanks for the pictures. I think you’re a bit tall for me. It never works out for me with women over 5’7”. Other than that, dark hair, dark eyes, criminal tendencies, normal to thin, active, a little bit crazy, with no hard labels that create absolutes i.e. vegan, feminist, hippie, lesbian etc. Arrogant yet submissive, sassy and under 35. No children or ex husbands. No pets. Likes art and music. Classy with a Vagabond spirit and a sex drive which demands doing it 2 or 3 times a day. Oh yeah, rich would be nice too. Maybe a father who has all the contacts I need to sell my scripts for a few hundred grand. If you know a woman fitting this description, have her hatemail me quick!
I really enjoyed your interview with Sherry Jubilo. I hadn’t heard of the Happy Valley Plan before.
Keep up the good work.
If you have something you want ot say or you’re the girl I described above you can e-mail me at cdamitio@yahoo.com.