February 6, 2023


A hamster has survived almost unscathed after spending several minutes passing through an industrial shredder.
The rodent is thought to have got into a skip of rubbish that was taken to Recyclo recycling plant in Flintshire.
It survived a giant shredder used to destroy waste such as washing machines and was found in a sorting area with no injuries other than a sore foot.
The hamster, named Mike, has been adopted by Liam Bull, 10, whose father Craig works at Recyclo.
Liam said: “I can’t believe he’s still alive after what happened, but he’s doing fine now.”
The hamster’s ordeal, which lasted around four minutes, began when it arrived at the plant in Sandycroft, probably aboard one of the many skips of waste which arrive there daily.
As well as surviving the giant shredder, Mike passed through a rotating drum and vibrating grids before he was discovered by staff.

BBC NEWS | UK | Wales | North East Wales | Hamster survives giant shredder

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