February 8, 2023

At first it might seem that there is no connection between the Israelis bombing Beirut, the bombs in Mumbai, and a two tone lobster…but they are all connected. For does it not say in the Book of the Shananapocalypse “..and ye shall know that bowser is near when the sky hath blackened with fiery rain from the holy land, the divided indus turns upon itself, and just so, the clawed one of two tone shall emerge from the depths and view the curmudgeonly!” ? could it be more clear? Bowser is coming…soon!

BAR HARBOR, Maine – An eastern Maine lobsterman caught a lobster this week that looks like it’s half-cooked.
The lobster caught by Alan Robinson in Dyer’s Bay that is a typical mottled green on one side; the other side is a shade of orange that looks cooked.
Robinson, of Steuben, donated the lobster to the Mount Desert Oceanarium. Staff members say the odds or finding a half-and-half lobster are 1 in 50 million to 100 million. By comparison, the odds of finding a blue lobster are about 1 in a million.

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