January 30, 2023

(Yet another site I am planning on spending a lot of time with…cd)
hackwriters.com – On Being a Hobo -Rev Antonio Hernandez
• Most Reverend Antonio Hernández, O.M.D., U.B.
Dedicated to the Knights of the Road
The Christian holidays are almost upon us, and their crass, clashing commercialism along with them. For some (myself included) the holidays bring back fond memories of Old World-style celebrations; the decorations, tinsel, steaming dishes, crystal goblets and the heirloom silverware. Christmas might seem odd at my Sephardic Jewish house- but we loved it anyway. The holidays always remind me of the lean years, and I suspect many people share this trait. Not only do I remember the hobos who used to come to the door, thick and fast; I remember being one of those hobos, for a brief time in my teens.

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