February 2, 2023

Right on. This guy identified something he wasn’t happy with and that was likely to kill him and he got off his ass and DID SOMETHING.
I’m sure there are a lot of overweight people, or people with other issues, that think he is great, but say, “I can’t leave my [job, family, life, etc.] to walk across the country.” Fine. What CAN you do?? Is that all? Are you sure??

It began as an unheralded coast-to-coast walk designed to help morbidly obese Steve Vaught lose weight.
But some 2,300 miles (3,700km) into his journey, the former US marine now has a book deal and a 700,000-hits-a-month website, and has been interviewed by Oprah.
Steve’s three miles-per-hour journey through the back roads of this vast and varied country began last April in southern California, when he weighed almost 30 stone (190kg).
He couldn’t walk the length of a supermarket aisle without losing breath, and he realised he was on the way to an early death.
So the happily-married father-of-two took the decision to reinvent himself for the sake of his children, to literally walk off the weight by trekking America.
Today Steve has lost 114lbs (eight stone, 52kg) and has less than 600 miles – about six weeks – to reach his goal, Rockefeller Plaza in New York City.

BBC NEWS | Americas | Walker loses weight and finds soul
Here’s his blog. It is subtitled, “Walking across America to lose weight and regain my life!”

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